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Worldwide Coverage

With routes to over 200 countries, high delivery rates and real time receipts you can be sure your messages will reach anywhere on time.

Message Scheduling

Schedule SMS delivery at predetermined times. Use our scheduler to send sms reminders for appointments or important dates in any timezone.

Link/URL Shortener

Send customers a link to your website, and our system will automatically make them shorter. Reduce costs and track clicks with our Short URL reports.

Message Spread

Avoid response flood by spreading message delivery over several hours, reduce wait time and load on back office staff.

Reseller & Whitelabel

Become a reseller and make money selling messages. Bring your existing messaging provider while leveraging our feature rich platform.

Receive Replies

Allow recipients to reply to your messages for FREE. Reply messages are routed to your inbox and/or your email or application.

Keyword Rules

Create rules to manage your incoming messages. Auto-Reply, Forward to mobile, email, your web app and more.

Unicode & Long Messages

Easily send long messages and messages in multiple languages.

Custom Originator

Select your own message originator. Replace the sending number with your brand, or even use your own mobile number.



Send SMS via Simple GET Request

PHP Client

Easy to use PHP code to Send & Receive SMS


Send Batch Messages, Create Contacts and more.

Web Service

Send Messages via SOAP Web Service (Java, C#.Net)


Quickest way to get up and running

Java Client

Java wrapper for XML API


We provide a wide range of solutions for short messaging services, communications and marketing.

Business Communications

Personal and organizational plans and schedules are easy to distribute via SMS.

Mobile Marketing

Enhance your marketing coverage through informative messaging using our platform.

Web Security

Integrate our Bulk SMS API to your website for efficient two-factor authentication.

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